BRIEF: To create a flyer for the Kindlife Conference, with a focus on “A New Self Order”, minimalism, tidying and small living.
DEMOGRAPHIC: Male and female, various backgrounds, curious individuals, interested in debates and want to be part of a community based on ethics.
BIG IDEA: Order your life to focus on what matters to you. #calmamongstthechaos​​​​​​​
concept development
This conference is about how to simplify your life, so that you can focus on the things that matter to you. The concept behind the brochure is to go from the crazy chaos that is your life (represented by the busy pattern on the outside), to a quieter and more focused life as you read about the tools and workshops which can make this lifestyle a reality. The pattern slowly becomes simpler as you move through the brochure, to finally the inner poster representing calm and tranquillity.
As this is a conference about minimalism, I decided the target audience would not appreciate a paper ticket, so an e-ticket was created instead. 
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